Life is made up of various contracts and agreements which cannot be avoided. Every time you purchase an item, are offered a service, through to your first job, first house and so on you are entering in to legal agreements and contracts. In the main, these do not trouble us in going about our daily lives. But what happens when you would like some guidance as to a contract, agreement or legal document? We’re here to help you.


Whether it be advising you on an agreement and cutting through the legal jargon so you can understand the meaning of the agreement and how it applies to you, to creating a contract or agreement to set out the legal basis upon which you and another party wish to be binding, such as a sale contract, declaration of trust or an employment contract, to challenging a contract or agreement which may include unfair terms or unlawful terms.

At Arnold Greenwood our solicitors specialise in distinct areas of law. Some contracts and agreements may not necessarily fall in to a distinct area and our experienced reception team will be able to advise you in the first instance which specialist solicitor you are likely to require. The majority of contracts and agreements will contain legal terms and sometimes latin phrases which can be difficult to understand. Our specialist solicitors can assist you in providing advice which will be jargon-free and in a way which will be easy for you to understand.

We recognise that the law and contacting a solicitor can at times be mine field, especially if you are unsure as to who or what advice you need. For example, if you would like advice as to the obligations within a lease you will require a commercial property solicitor but if you are in dispute regarding a term of the lease, you are likely to need advice from our litigation solicitor.

For advice on matters concerning;


When was the last time your employment contract was reviewed to ensure that it complied with current laws?
We are able to provide commercial advice for you and your business regarding employment matters and documentation.

stephen pooley

For further information, please contact Stephen Pooley on 01539 720049 and a member of our Commercial department will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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