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Property Search

Online and on track for massive exposure.

We offer an integrated, multi media marketing campaign to give your sale the maximum possible exposure.  In addition to advertising in the successful Lake District Property Guide, your property will be uploaded to the UK's leading high profile websites, giving you the best opportunity to sell at the very best price by reaching out to millions of potential purchasers all over the world.

Market Appraisal

We'll thoroughly inspect your home so that we can advertise it accurately and take the best possible photographs for marketing your property.


We'll carefully evaluate the sale price of your home, making sure you're entirely happy with the price before proceeding.

Internal Staff Briefing

All our estate agency staff will be thoroughly briefed on your home, its key selling points and its price so that they can successfully promote it to all applicants and enquirers.


We'll immediately start proactively informing our extensive database of active prospects of your house via telephone, encouraging viewings.

Property Brochures

Comprehensive, informative and pictorial sales literature will be prepared of your home for distribution via mail and displayed in the best possible way in branch.

Window Display

Your home will appear in our high street window displays, clearly visible to the thousands of people who pass by every day.

For Sale Board

Possibly the most striking and noticeable 'For Sale' boards around, our bright green 'smile' boards will attract attention to your home and clearly direct people to enquire with us.

Negotiating Offers

We'll professionally and expertly deal with and relay any offers made on your home, offering any advice you need in order to get the best price for you and help you with your onward move.


With Arnold Greenwood Solicitors, we're perfectly placed to offer an integrated house moving and conveyancing service.

Not in a rush? We'll match your pace.

There are times when people simply aren't quite ready to sell and are still looking for the new home they want. That's when the marketing has to keep pace with the circumstances. Which is no problem at Arnold Greenwood Estate Agents. We'll do everything to help you search for and find your ideal new home, whilst at the same time ensuring you are connected to buyers and sellers who are working to the same time scale as you. That way there are no disappointments and no pressure. Once you've found your chosen new home, then we'll put your house sale on our 'Priority Marketing' programme to give it maximum exposure.

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01539 733383 or complete an online enquiry form.