"Professional service accompanied by a sensitive, individual approach, anything I didn't understand was explained in a non-patronizing way." ---"Thank you for your fantastic expertise and professionalism. Not only have you seen me through a really tough period in my life and made sure I got the best out of the situation, but you have been most empathetic of my individual needs and anxieties. I have made it through the rollercoaster ride and come out smiling and stronger than ever, thanks to your support and hard work. Many many thanks!"--- "We very much appreciate all your help in guiding us through this application and for your sensitive and thorough handling of the matter"--- " Matthew Sterling is a credit to the company. At all times he made me feel at ease and listened carefully and most of all gave me the best advice"--- "Many thanks for your help in achieving this divorce. It feels great that this is all over and done with....once again, many thanks"--- " Matthew was very helpful and informative throughout." --- “I do appreciate all your efforts in seeking the best outcome for myself. You have a lovely calm, thorough manner which is very reassuring.”--- "On our initial appointment Matthew was very thorough in noting all my comments."

All couples’ circumstances are different and we can discuss the specific circumstances of your case with you in detail. We will identify the key financial issues that need to be resolved during divorce proceedings, including; property transfers, pensions, shares and stock options, family businesses and maintenance claims.

Our colleagues who specialise in residential conveyancing and commercial law are able to assist in their relevant fields, to ensure that the agreements and court orders are put into effect. These specialist departments allow Arnold Greenwood Solicitors to offer a comprehensive legal service to our clients.

We can assist and advise you in negotiating a settlement with your spouse. If you are unable to reach an agreement, we can advise and represent you in court proceedings. If you have already reached an agreement with your spouse we can advise you whether the agreement is fair and prepare a consent order, which is a document setting out the agreed financial terms and is approved by a judge. It will usually contain a clean break clause which prevents either of you making any further claims against each other, except where there is a maintenance order.

Our experienced solicitors can also assist with:

Separation Agreements

A legal document setting out the terms of a financial settlement reached between a separated couple who are not married, or who are married but do not wish to obtain a divorce at present. If you have already reached an agreement with your ex-partner we can advise you whether the terms of the agreement are fair as well as preparing the agreement for you.
Alternatively, if you cannot reach an agreement with your ex-partner, we can negotiate on your behalf or advise you in relation to other methods of resolution such as mediation or collaborative law. Without the protection of a separation agreement there is a risk that your ex-partner may change their mind about the agreement that you have reached, which could result in you incurring further legal fees.

Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement is a legal document drawn up before a couple get married detailing how their assets should be divided in the event of a separation in the future. Although pre-nuptial agreements are not technically legally enforceable in England and Wales, a recent Supreme Court case has made it more likely that they will be upheld provided there has been no undue pressure or hidden financial information.
A post-nuptial agreement is the same as a pre-nuptial agreement, except that it is made after marriage. You may want to consider having a post-nuptial agreement if you do not have a pre-nuptial agreement already or if you do, if it was made some time ago and/or your personal/financial circumstances have changed.


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