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At Arnold Greenwood Solicitors we tailor our estate planning advice to meet your specific needs by taking the time to understand both your own and your family’s requirements.

With this in mind we help you find the appropriate solution to maximise protection of your estate and assets.


We know from experience that Trusts created during your lifetime have a very useful part to play in everyday life for your beneficiaries. They can be used to assist family members in different situations, for example:

  • Children & Grandchildren – protect savings and restrict access until they are mature. This is particularly beneficial if there are large sums of money involved.
  • Disabled or Vulnerable Adults – protects their access to means-tested benefits, as if they receive a cash legacy then state benefits could be affected.

Creating a Trust offers a level of protection for those you are trying to help and will ensure that your wishes are respected.

Estate Planning

The sooner you start to consider the implications regarding inheritance tax the better. Trusts are one method to help limit inheritance tax liabilities, but there are other options that will benefit your family, including:

  • Making lifetime gifts,
  • Making use of the inheritance tax reliefs for business and agricultural property,
  • Making use of the exempt transfers available on death such as the Nil Rate Band, gifts to charities etc,
  • Making a Will.

We have extensive experience in dealing with complex estates and handling a range of circumstances, no matter how unusual they may appear to you. Our solicitors are thorough, thoughtful and focused on achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

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