In an age of DIY divorces, supported by celebrities such as Gary Lineker, fewer couples are seeking legal advice when they split up. Many people often mistakenly believe that once you are divorced, your ex-husband/wife cannot make a financial claim. However, the reality is that claims can be made against the other person, even after the divorce is complete.

These claims can be made many years after a couple have separated and often arise where one of them has become wealthier, for example, after receiving an inheritance or a lottery win. A recent high profile example is the case of Dale Vince, the founder of green electricity company, ‘Ecotricity’. Mr Vince’s ex-wife issued a claim against him, nearly 20 years after they were divorced, for a share of the fortune he accrued through ‘Ecotricity’ after their separation. Whilst the case eventually settled out of court with Mr Vince paying his ex-wife £300,000, this case acts to highlight the importance of properly sorting out finances when going through a divorce.

There is a solution. Divorcing or divorced couples can be protected from future claims by having a ‘clean break’ financial consent order. If you are concerned that your ex may have a claim against you, contact our specialist solicitors for advice.

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